What an amazing and moving Reformation Sunday!

The Reformation during Martin Luther’s time was huge indeed yet, in his own words, he did not intend on it being ‘some big thing.’ It may not have been for him, but here we are 500 years later reaping the benefits from the simplicity of one person’s action. Martin Luther, witnessing the misuse of power by church officials regarding indulgences and being uncomfortable with the status quo, took action. Stemming from a place of frustration, he did something. He started a movement that led to a reformation.

This past Sunday members of our congregation had an opportunity to think about and respond to those things that make us uncomfortable and that we want to reform in our individual lives and communities, the church, and in the world. We took our first steps in leading a reformation! After reading those “thesis statements,” I see just how many are ready to change this world and the oppressive systems of society. Others are prepared to confront traditions of separation and discrimination. Several recognize that reformation comes from within and are all set to stand up and say “No More!”

Can you imagine if we were to take all the statements that were nailed to our doors in the church and put action behind each and every one of them? How many people will be healed both physically and emotionally? How many will be empowered to stand up to our local and national government for free healthcare and education? How our communities would be strong and vibrant? How even more amazing the world will be for our children to grow up in and explore? How the word of God, the love of Jesus and the compassion of the Spirit would shine through us all?

Imagine That!




Rev. Krista Forbes,

Acting Pastor

P.S. – If you missed worship on Sunday, I encourage you to watch this clever video about the Reformation that features many members of our church family.