Rev. Matt Laney stands at the pulpit of his new church, Virginia-Highland Church in Atlanta, Georgia.
Rev. Matt Laney

Praises to God in your moving forward and voting to have Rev. Matt Laney as the next Senior Pastor of Virginia-Highland Church. Your vote is an indication of the strong belief that you have in God, who is the Great Convener, the One who has joined Rev. Laney to this church at such a pivotal time. Exercising your faith with this vote shows that you are willing to do God’s work and you desire a space for God’s will to be done.

Additionally, your vote is also a show of support to Rev. Laney and the vision that God has placed in his view. A vision that will surely strengthen you, grow you, stretch you and prepare you for places not yet seen or known.

Virginia-Highland Church – CELEBRATE! Be excited and embrace this wonderful blessed moment. I pray that each of you will receive this transition with a warm and open heart. I ask that you pray for Rev. Laney and his family as they are transitioning as well.

Get Ready Virginia-Highland! Oh, taste and see that God is good and faithful, and has something magnificent for each of you!

Again, a warm and hearty congratulations!





Rev. Krista Forbes,

Acting Pastor