Spring is a time of new beginnings, both in nature and in our spiritual lives. It’s also the perfect time for some fresh perspectives and new beginnings at our beloved church.
In that spirit, the Parish Council and Virginia-Highland Church Staff held an all-day retreat on Saturday, April 14 at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Conyers, GA.
Our goals for the retreat were to:
  • Strengthen the individual and collective relationships of the Parish Council and our Staff,
  • Reflect on what’s working well at our church, and
  • Identify areas for improvement and growth.
(Side note – if you ever need someone to facilitate fun and engaging “team-building” activities, Jocelyn Wildhack is your person.)
I’d encourage you to reflect on some of the questions we asked ourselves:
  • What first brought you to Virginia-Highland Church?
  • What prompted you to continue attending?
We worked from guiding principles such as “as good as we are, we can always be better” and discussed our challenges, our goals, and our dreams for our community of faith.
This week, you will be learning about our Stewardship Campaign, which was developed by several of our peers in the congregation (thank you!). Our church hasn’t really done a formal campaign of this nature, but we need to in order to address challenges we face, and to build toward more growth and more ministry. To be candid, our goals for this campaign are ambitious, but I believe we can meet and exceed our objectives if we collectively and individually step up to the challenge. I have pledged to do so. Please join me.
Virginia-Highland Church is a better place because of you. You are a better person because of Virginia-Highland Church.
Spring is, indeed, a time of new beginnings. Let’s use this spring to mark the start of an exciting new chapter in the life of our church.

You can help prepare for these efforts by:

Thank you for all you do to make our church such a welcoming and exciting place for everyone.

Thank you,

Mike Mitchell,
VHC Parish Council