Here is the scoop from the March 11 Parish Council Meeting.
Fun with Numbers
Treasurer Zach Kaskey reviewed our finances to-date. Overall finances are essentially flat. Some people accelerated their giving at the end of 2017 because of the pending changes to tax laws, so we need to monitor the impact that has on finances over the year. Our annual contribution to UCC has been sent.
Improving the Building
Gary Montgomery gave an update on the lift and accessibility project. The contractor must change the designs so we can obtain the proper permits from the City of Atlanta. Once work is underway, the project will take an estimated 2 weeks (so we should plan on 4 weeks!). We will defer any work starting until after Easter. We also need to get estimates on the heating/cooling systems that were not updated/replaced when work was done on the Sanctuary.
Love those Secretaries
Krista Walton agreed to serve as Secretary, with Michael Jackson serving as a back-up. Mike Mitchell has filed the updated paperwork with the State of GA so we are compliant on our registration for 2018. Thanks to Krista and MJ!
Sad News
The Montessori School on our third floor has given notice that they will not be able to continue as a rental tenant, due to lack of sprinkler systems in our building. The impact to monthly rent is $1,900. We will explore options for installing sprinkler systems. Without them we are limited on the types of future tenants we can bring into the space. As a church, we need to consider how we will offset that loss of rental income.
Keeping Rev. Claudia
Rev. Claudia has circulated a summary of her work in 2017 and shared her ideas for ministry in 2018. We had discussion about the need to solidify a plan for her position once her current contract expires later this year. This is part of a larger need to generate increased congregational giving.
What Rev. Laney’s Thinking About
  1. Matt pointed to the urgent need to boost giving. VHC has never stressed stewardship in any formalized way. A team will be formed to explore how to launch this more broadly with the congregation.
  2. Matt is interviewing candidates for Office Manager and will work with the Personnel Committee as finalists are identified. He’s confident someone amazing will emerge.
  3. Matt discussed Rev. Cameron Trimble’s report and recommendations on how to improve the culture of the church, and create a better work environment for staff.
  4. An Advisory Board has been created to build a plan for The River ministry post-grant.


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Thank you for all you do to make our church such a welcoming and exciting place for everyone.

Thank you,

Mike Mitchell,
VHC Parish Council